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New to Photography? A Few Tips

We’re gonna play grifter this time. And rather than coming up with our own list of “If You Wanna Be a Photographer” tips, we’re going to send you to another site that’s put together a very representative list of items we might offer were we ambitious enough to do so.

Check out this article from Scott Bourne over at Photofocus. While following this list won’t guarantee you’ll become a great photographer, it will certainly increase your odds.

In this List Of 7, if you ignore every other one, ‘become one’ with #3. Accept it, know it, breathe it, eat it for breakfast, write it a thousand times on an analog blackboard with analog chalk (NO copy & paste on a whiteboard! :) ), tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids….whatever it takes. But make that one your absolute motto. The world of photography is loaded with ‘gearheads’….folks that have spent thousands of dollars on equipment, but couldn’t compose a decent image if their lives depended on it. Spending all that denero on a gaggle of bodies & lenses no more makes a ‘photographer’ than buying a Steinway baby grand makes one a concert pianist. Take that to the bank!

While you’re over at Photofocus, spend a little time nosing around the site in general. We always find something interesting there.

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